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    Suitable for children aged above 3

Added value :
It is better to learn how to read in child's early age as most of the mothers' wish. Kids Logic is an effective pre-school educational toy and an interactive learning system. It serves the purposes of providing funs for children to play and learn with cards that include color, shape, pattern, relationship, sequence, comparison, opposite, direction, emotion, behavior, responsibility, similarity, difference, inference, problem seeing, puzzles, sorting, counting, reading.... etc. Kids Logic also acts as an electronic library with interchangeable cards. .
After turns on the power the learning begin once child places a card on the Kids Logic. By touching the card with the finger, kids explore the alphabet, discover letter names and phonics, play fun learning games, hear words and sound effects. Colorful characters in each card help to motivate children to learn and build self-confidence. No adult supervision is required. Children can learn and read freely and independently with their own pace.
Kids Logic is an interactive brain teaser, which help baby human in cognitive development, visual stimulation and recognition, and key early learning concepts including memory, language, early reading, early mathematics and creative thinking.
You can play with your baby to see her development that children develop when they play with this product.

Kids Logic is portable, durable and operates on only two small "AA" batteries. When not actually being used, it cannot drain power, so batteries can last for a long time.

KL-211-1 (ENGLISH)
KL-211-2 (HEBREW)

Features :
- Fully interactive learning system
- Develop eye-hand coordination, thinking and listening at an early age
- Motivate children to learn
- Build self-confidence
- Allow children to read and learn at their own pace
- Can learn independently without adult supervision
- Broaden knowledge with different characters or activities on cards
- Teaches reading and phonics
- Identifies letters and words
- With automatic shut-off
- Portable and lightweight
- More Than 800 Questions with 88Pages

- Material : ABS

Packing Information :
Power source : 2 x AA batteries
Unit Size : 22 x 19 x 5.5 cm
Outer Carton : 12 pcs
Gift Box : 29 x 21 x 6 cm
Net Weight : 10.5 KGS
Gross Weight : 12 KGS
KL-211-3 (KOREA)
Gift Box
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