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Suitable for children aged above 1.5

Added value :
The Internet Cell Phone can satisfy childˇ¦s needs, such as all their fantastic requests or impossible instructions are always accepted with an ˇ§Okay, bye-byeˇ¨ response. No rejection is heard during the whole conversation.

There are 9 fun activities. It helps kids to develop self-confidence and to train to speak before schooling. You can teach your children the telephone manner and hospitality. Kids can learn how to leave their message in the voice mail. They can record and playback to hear what they have said. Your children are stimulated to develop their creativity and imagination through the activities. They can compose the music they like and sing and play with it.

Their talent in music may be discovered through such training in the activities like setting phone call with recording, drums, rhythm, and rap; playing CD music, piano, and singing as well. Eye-hand coordination and memory can also be trained through the catch and memory games.

Model No.

Animation display


Features :
- Make Phone Call with Record (Voice mail) & Playback Buttons
- Watch Internet News Stories by a newsreader
- Play like a Piano with the buttons
- Animation pictures
- Sing Songs through the LCD, just like Karaoke
- Listen to Music through CD Music function
- Play Catch Game to train eye-hand coordination
- Play Memory Game (2 levels)
- Setting Drums, Rhythm & Rap with different sound combinations and beats
- Material : ABS

  Packing Information :
Power source : 2 x AA batteries
Unit Size : 12.5 x 5.4 x 2.7 cm
Inner Carton : 12 pcs
Outer Carton : 24 pcs
Gift Box : 18.1 x 5.4 x 27 cm
Net Weight : 12 KGS
Gross Weight : 13.5 KGS
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