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      Suitable for children aged above 3

Added value :
Smart parents know children learn best when they are having fun. Experts agree the best teacher is an enjoyable challenge. Now, this concept comes to life in Smart Teacher, an exciting learning game for your children.

Smart Teacher develops the mind skills children need to fulfill their potential in school and in later life. Best of all, it is a learning experience that can be shared by parents and kids together. Smart Teacher comes with 48 pages of stimulating questions and answers on large, colorful cards. The education program includes lessons in math, reading, concepts and other mental skills. Children learn in a friendly, ˇ§no pressureˇ¨ atmosphere. More programs are available, so Smart Teacher grows with your children.
Early learning is crucial in baby human life. To let them have a better sense of learning, they can play with Smart Teacher as early as possible. There are many different kinds of cards with many topics to broaden baby human knowledge in every aspects, for example, color, shape, pattern, relationship, sequence, comparison, opposite, direction, emotion, behavior, responsibility, similarity, difference, inference, problem seeing, puzzles, sorting, counting, reading, and more! Baby human can learn from cards by punching the interested pictures or patterns on the cards. Their first reading and learning experience before schooling by Smart Teacher, which is designed to build early learning skills, with a simple touch of a finger on the 48 cards with over 300 questions. Baby human grows so quickly, and the Smart Teacher learning system is designed to grow with them! 48 cards are leave for choice by baby human, they can learn from experiences, each designed card is to keep your child engaged and stimulate development.
Smart Teacher is an interactive brain teaser, which help baby human in cognitive development, visual stimulation and recognition, and key early learning concepts including memory, language, early reading, early mathematics and creative thinking.
You can play with your baby to see her development that children develop when they play with this product.

Smart Teacher is portable, durable and operates on only two small ˇ§AAˇ¨ batteries. When not actually being used, it cannot drain power, so batteries can last for a long time.

Gift Box

Features :
- Electronic Learning Fun
- Motivate children to learn
- Develops Mind Skills
- Builds Self-confidence
- Reinforces knowledge base
- Strengthens achievement potentials
- Enhances intellectual growth
- Prepares Child for School
- More Than 300 Questions with 48 Pages
- Available In Any Language
- Volume control with automatic shut-off
- Portable and lightweight

- Material : ABS

Packing Information :
Power source : 2 x AA batteries
Unit Size : 28.5 x 21 x 5.6 cm
Outer Carton : 12 pcs
Gift Box : 29 x 22 x 6 cm
Net Weight : 10 KGS
Gross Weight : 12 KGS
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